Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DAY Twenty-six: Fairbanks resting

Today is was spending five hours at the motorcycle shop waiting for my turn to have the rig power washed , get an oil change and mount my extra tire under the sidecar to take back home. By the time everything was done, the guys from the BMW Club of Houston had arrived from Denali. We agreed to meet later and go out for pizza.

Chuck, Kevin and Chuck were riding from Houston to Vancouver, to Fairbanks and then on to Dawson City, Yukon for the annual D2D gathering on Summer Solstice. D2D (Dust to Dawson) started as a gathering of motorcyclists from Alaska and Canada, but which has grown international in scale. Still only a couple hundred people, but it was originally planned for a only a dozen riders or so.

We went to Gerardo's for pizza and a cold on, or two. Ordered the four pound Leaning Tower of Pizza, a pound of pizza a piece. Perfect!

Here we are together. Tomorrow, we go separate directions, not sure if or when we will see each other again on this ride.

With fresh oil and a clean rig, Da'mit and I are ready to roll to Anchorage in the morning.

Nite all






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