Saturday, June 29, 2013

DAY Thirty-eight: Crossing Washington State

The alarms went off, I roll over and slept another hour. Had to have been tired. Today Da'mit and I rode Route 20 across the northern tier of Washington. Started to run into so much vehicular traffic we decided to angle our way southeast on side roads. Finally arrived in Pullman for the night. So we rode from the northwest corner to the southeast corner, missing the majority of the rain. So much for staying north and riding east.

Have two dates for lodging, Fort Collins and Angel Fire. Will try to hug the eastern slope of the rockies as I work my way south.

Here are a few of today's photos from Washington State.



Note: that is a regular sized door on the chapel.




Birds of a feather... Da'mit says if those two geese can out pull me, I'll eat feathers.

Being in Washington, had to get a photo of the fly-fishing rivers....

A river of fog runs through it......

Nite Da'mit, Nite all.



  1. Love that first shot, Jan. What's your eta for arrival back home?

  2. Thanks Harry, ETA? maybe next weekend...the hot temps are cutting down my riding time, so slow going.

  3. 107 Deg. F. yesterday here at home. Just saw a 2008 Ural for $6500