Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DAY Twelve - Rain, Rain go way

Didn't get far today. Left the Elk Creek Ranch under grey drizzling clouds. Got progressively worse by Grass Range where I bought gas. At least three of the early morning coffee drinkers said I was crazy to be out riding in this cold wet weather. Well, I responded, when your wife says you are crazy, tell her you met a guy even more crazy. If you can't be a good example, be a good lesson.

Another guy said I was crazy. "Yeah, that's what my wife says" was my response. He retorts "I notice she's not with you!" Ouch.........

Rode on to Lewistown in the rain, arriving with boots full of cold rain water. So much for the waterproofing I did before leaving.

Sloshed into Mickey D's for hot coffee and wifi. Posted the daily report for yesterday, talked with the locals about riding, Alaska, and the weather. No one could find me a good route around the bad weather north and west of Lewiston. On the weather radar it looked worse than what I has just ridden though. Everybody was saying it will be all clear by tomorrow. Finally resigned myself to stay a night in Lewistown, do laundry (which I needed), and look for a solution to the water-filling boots.

Found a Hunting-Fishing sporting goods store, bought a pair of gaiters. Will see if that helps keep my feet dryer.

Da'mit is running great, no problems. Cameras never came out to play today, too wet. Tomorrow things will be better.

Observed an interesting effect with the Ural over the past week. Da''mit produces a sound that animals seem to hear early. I noticed animals, both fur and fowl, were aware of Da'mit's presence much sooner than when I rode a BMW. Harder to sneak up to take photos.

With clearer weather we will look to make some miles over the next several days. Da'mit is ready stretch her legs and so am I.

Nite all.


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