Sunday, June 30, 2013

DAT Thirty-nine: Crossing Idaho Rt 12

Today Da'mit and I crossed Idaho on Route 12. What a beautiful road for Urals. A long long slow climb along the Clearwater River until one reaches Lolo Pass, then a quick decent on the other side in Montana. 200 miles in all, with a curve every hundred yards. Tonight my arms and back are tired. We were so busy with the curves we didn't get any photos, except one.

Da'mit wants to know if all mules who sing off key go here? And if it applies to humans, Da'mit said I better keep my mouth closed.

Finally Montana, only 100 degrees out.

Spotted this barn where totem poles are carved. I visited a First Nations museum in Haines with an extensive display and explanation of totem symbology. Somehow I don't remember the three stooges with sun glasses inside a clam shell as being part of the First Nations heritage.

Tonight am in Darby, MT, where the town marshall is not into change, Keeping the water trough and hitching rail outside his office, just in case. Yes, this office is still active and in use.

A newer retail center, and ...

a used car/truck lot

A 1928 Ford Model AA, 1 1/5 ton stake truck, $19,000 obo...

Tomorrow we try to ride early to avoid the heat. Back into Idaho then into Wyoming, staying at higher elevations for coolness. We'll see how far we get.

Nite Da'mit, Nite all


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  1. LOL, Irene will love knowing that there is a Darby, Mt. BTW, you are close to Anaconda. If you are going there stop by the Old Works Golf Course. It's got a great story behind it and is one of the most beautiful courses you will ever see.