Saturday, June 8, 2013

DAY Seventeen - Bears, Bison and Bathing

On the road my 5 am, the only animal out that early was an old war horse from the 1942 building of the Alaska Highway, another Da'mit...

The temperature dropped and rains began. For the next three hours it was trying to keep the face shield clean and the fingers warm. Past Muncho Lake, Rocky Mountain Provincial Park, Summit Lake, all beautiful places but the clouds were low, the rain constant and the roads slick. All attention was on maintaining control of Da'mit in these conditions.

Stopped for gas, breakfast and to thaw out the fingers at Toad River Lodge. After warming up, Ted arrived for his breakfast, From inside we watched a rain front move in and leave. We are seeing more motorcyclists on the Alcan road now.

Saw the first black bear of the day,

Coming out of the Provincial Park, and dropping in elevation, the rains stopped and things started warming up.

We met other motorcyclists at the Liard Hot Springs Park


It costs $5 to get in, towel is $3 and a bathing suit is $3. So you really don't have to bring anything with you, just show up. Th water temperature was warmer, even down right HOT, if you got too close to the source of the spring. Very relaxing and a great way to thaw out the joints and muscles after riding in freezing rain.

Back on the road started seeing animals.. first the bison herd....


Off and on saw over 50 Bison today,. in herds and solitary.

Then spotted the another Black Bear, one of the seven spotted today

Then the grizzlies... saw six of those today. Also sighted caribou and mule deer, but no photos, sorry.

The herd of unshod territorial horses that roam free along the roadsides, crossing at will. Some riders come up thinking that they can ride these roads as fast as they ride back home. What they do not realize that there are many blind curves, hill crests where one cannot see what is on the other side and numerous wild animals that roam the roadside and on the road itself. The safest approach is to not ride any faster than you can see to stop.

Used the auxilary gas cans today as distances between gas is getting further and further apart.

Finally arrived in Watson Lake for the night..

Another rain cell is waiting to move in, need to get to the motel, unpack beforte it starts. Will stop at the Sign Post Forest in the morning.

All in all, an interesting day, rolled up lots of miles and saw a variety of wild game and interesting scenery. Even though I have ridden this road before, it is not boring at all. The weather changes how and what you can see in terms of scenery, animals and road conditions.

Now to rest, tomorrow on to Whitehorse.



  1. Hope you get a chance to see the Sign Forest, it was a bit snow-covered when I passed through.

    I really went to Alaska too early....didn't see all the bears you've seen so far and you're not even at Alaska yet!

    Are you going to stop by Hyder, AK?

  2. Saw a bit of the sign forest, in the fog. I have been very lucky to see this many animals on this trip. Hope the luck holds.
    Not sure on Hyder yet, have seen it, but would like to see the glacier up behind it.