Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DAY Twenty - Alaska at last

Up later than normal, 6 am, but still out before most. The sun dances across the mountaintops, playing hide n-seek with itself, while the world sleeps...


Spotted two dark objects on either side of the road ahead. Looked like culverts, but then they started moving, one crossing the road. Slowed down as I got closed, Definitely bears....big grizzly bears. One large rich dark brown and the other more light brown.


The winds blowing from the north are strong when you cross the south end of Destruction Bay. This is one long lake, Kluane, where the wind has distance to pick up speed and force.

Am on the south end of the lake looking further south to the end of the valley.

Had to turn around and get a shot of this old trappers/goldminer's cabin on the south end of the Bay.

Notce the grass growing on the roof. This is common as the turf also adds insulation to the cabin.

After the bears, it was in and out of rain for the rest of the day. Did spot the hindsides of two moose in Alaska, mama and baby. But they disappeared into the brush by the time I could stop.

Da'mit sees another old war horse and has to stop to pay her respects. A 1942 GMC model....


Finally spotted one old moose feeding by the road side.

An Alaskan moose

Made it to ALASKA, in the rain, the roads are smoother, but the mountain tops are covered with clouds. so not much to see.

Was in Tok by 1:30 pm, gained another hour riding west, so decided to go for Delta Junction for the night. Delta Junction is the official end of the Alaska highway. But our challenge won't be over for until we reach Deadhorse.

Da'mit rode the Alaska Highway and survived, She deserves a patch, a sticker. or something.,.... how about fresh tires in Fairbanks?

Asked at a small modest motel in Delta Junction how much for the night... $130.00 was the answer. Am camping in a state park only 1/8 of a mile down the road from that motel, cost $10 per night.

It is a cool 55 degrees, nice for camping. The mosquitos are out in force though. I brought DEET 100% for the hands as I type and a mosquito net for the head. The rest is covered.

The couple with an RV in the spot next door invited me over for a beer and conversation. Ian and Carol are both police officers from the UK. They flew to Alaska, rented an RV and are exploring the state for two weeks. While we were talking, Carol noticed a small red fox squirrel carrying something white. Looks like a condiment package she says. Walking back to my campsite, I notice the food bag is open and the plastic ziploc with condiments has been chewed on. These no-account Squirrels are stealing the condiments I acquired from fast food places. What? Squirrels with no moral standards......

Long day, many miles covered. Tomorrow Da'mit gets new tires in Fairbanks. Then we start the final leg, up the Haul Road to Deadhorse.

Nite all.



  1. Welcome to Alaska!

    When you get to the University, text me...

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  3. One part of me is envious of the wild life you have seen on your trip, but as the protective wife of Charlie6/Dom, I think I am relieved the bears seem to have still been hibernating when he passed through.

    Da'mit is proving to be a trustworthy and reliable rig....which is a relief to read.. Glad to her she is get new treads soon!