Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DAY Thirty-three: Hanging out in Haines, AK

Rode out early to see if the bears were fishing yet....... they weren't.

Where I was told the bears would be, is on the short river that empties Chikoot Lake into Lutak Inlet. Only a mile or so long.

Where the river starts at the lake.

The river coming thru the canyon, from deep shadows into early morning sunlight.

The weir was set up by the state for counting the salmon to determine migration patterns. The salmon have to go through two channels in the weir. Wanted to talk to this two gentlemen working the weir, but they never came ashore in the hour I hung around.


Yesterday the count was 23 around 1 pm. Not sure what number they need to determine the run has started.

Did not see any bears this morning. Too bad bears cannot feast on pine cones, they are plentiful this year.

The tide was low in the Haines harbor this morning.


This evening the tide was coming in....

Did not take photos, but found an old local cemetary from the turn of the century. Of the headstones that were legible, it stated the name, day they died and their age. Very few had birth dates on them. Seems they died young up here back then. Many passing on in their teens and twenties, the oldest was 52.

Visited the American Bald Eagle Foundation center.

Eagles rescued are brought here for rehabilitation. Those that cannot be returned to the wild are kept for educational and training for eagle interns from North America.

The final photo for the day.... a self-portrait!


NIte Da'mit, nite all.



  1. Jon: I see some great photographs. Can't wait until you get back home so I can see them all.

  2. Harry, have often thought of you and how you would love to be here with your camera.
    Thanks for your phot tips, have helped me a lot.