Thursday, June 20, 2013

DAY Twenty-eight: Kenai and Anchor Point

On the way out of Anchorage, stopped in to see Mickey the Ural dealer. He was busy last night working on his Ural, rewiring it for an upcoming trip. Is unusual to have to rewire a Ural, but Mickey is running a winch, four auxiliary lights, CB radio and other items that require that his rig have two batteries.

With Mickey...
Riding along the Turnagain Arm, Da'mit and I escaped the heat of Anchorage for the cool, even cold air of the Kenai Peninsula. The winds blowing across the glaciers is like standing in front of an open refrigerator door. Finally we reached Anchor Point, the westernmost point one can drive to in the 49 states.
Rode out to the Anchor State Park on the bay. Spotted these four eagles feeding and playing.
Then watched a large tractor type rig drive out onto the mud flats, since the tide was out, with a boat trailer to meet a fishing boat returning with the day's catch.
Was getting late so on to Homer, the halibut fishing capitol of Alaska. The most famous spot in Homer is the SPIT. A long, very long causeway, dike that reaches on from the mainland to the deep channel in the bay.
There are a few motels, RV parks and a city campground on the SPIT. $165 for a motel room, $30 to camp in an RV park and $8 to camp in the city park on the beach. The young lady at the RV park could not tell me what I was getting for the $30 camping spot...... Hmmmm, ok, it's the $8 site. Good thing I have two wheel drive, the sand is soft on the beach.

The two wheel drive on Da'mit...needed it last night and again in the morning to get out of the soft sand in the parking area for campers.

The wind was blowing hard, making it more difficult to set up the tent. Stakes do not hold well in loose sand.

Finally got it staked on the windward side. With all my gear and me inside, it wasn't going anywhere. Wrapped the extra blanket around the sleeping bag to sleep warm and cozy.

Nite all


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