Sunday, June 9, 2013

DAY Eighteen - Watson Lake to Haines Junction

Again up and on the road by 5 ish, Walking out of the motel and the area is socked in with fog. Thick heavy damp fog. Great! Can't see that far. Not good for riding safely. Turned on the two fog lights mainly so other drivers can see me. Slowly tractor out of town, taking my time. Within 4 - 5 miles, the fog lifts and the sky is blue. Cold, but clear. Good day for riding.

Of course, before leaving Watson Lake, a visit to the Sign Forest is a requisite, even if it is foggy.

After seeing the menagerie of wildlifeyesterday, today is totally void of large animals. The most I could summon up were one fat rabbit, a marmot and two porcupines. So to anyone thinking of riding up this way, be aware that there is a large concentration of wildlife between Fort Nelson and Watson Lake.

Da'mit is due for his 12,500km oil change - had the oil, but no where to dump the used oil. Canada does not require oil retailers to accept used oil for recycling. Ted suggested that we ride the 300km to Whitehorse and I change the oil in his driveway. He said he knew someone who burnt waste oil in a space heater on construction sites. So we did.


After changing the oil, said goodby to Ted, his wife Barbara and son Liam. I rode solo on down to Carcross to see the famous sand dunes. Ted had said that Whitehorse is actually in a desert. One doesn't think of deserts being this far north.

From Carcross one can ride down to Skagway to caught the ferry to Haines. For Da'mit and me, it was back to the Alaska Highway just east of Whitehorse. Ferry's are not an accepted part of any Iron Butt ride. Gassed up in Whitehorse and lit out for Haines Junction, hoping to arrive before night fall. Never mind that it doesn't get dark until 10 or 11 now. I wanted to get a room for night by 6 pm.

Some photos from today



The Teslin River bridge is in the background. This is a bridge motorcyclists dread. It is the longest steel grating bridge one has to cross to get to Alaska.

Arrived in Haines Junction by 6;15 pm. Got a room and walked to a restaurant, Think the last of affects of the food poisoning from several days ago is finally gone. Had a plate of Chicken Fried Rice with a Coors Light. Feeling "calm" and hungry from not eating for a couple of days, threw caution to the wind. Went all the way - hot apple pie ala mode.


Had to hurry up and take the photo before it was all gone.

Tomorrow Da'mit and I should cross into Alaska to spend the night in Tok at a motorcycle campgrounds.

Today was not an exciting one, but we did rack up some miles. In other words, Da'mit and I took another bite from the Iron Butt elephant. Keep biting and keep chewing, before you know it we will be in Deadhorse.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and for following along with my little adventure. Other riders on two wheels would already be in Deadhorse by now. Da'mit and I are still a week away from being there.

Nite all



  1. A week!? Four days tops…
    Tok (290), Fairbanks (200), Coldfoot/Wiseman (250), Prudhoe (250) and that's only a few hundred miles per day.…

    Just yanking your chain…
    Have a great trip. Where are your tires at?

  2. Well, a day of rest here, tire mounting in Fairbanks..... yeah, a week I think. Right now, time is on my side, so no pressure. Besides, gives me more opportunity to see things, take photos and write.