Friday, June 28, 2013

DAY Thirty-six: Open water

Day starts warmer, scattered clouds, bits of blue sky. The crew warns we will cross open water today, might get rough. Several announcements warn of Open Water.

The rest of the morning is spent visiting with fellow passengers, exploring the ship/ferry. Have met retiring school teachers, school teachers on vacation, writers, engineers, Avon salesperson, fishing guides, hunters, native craftmakers, families and grandparents. Some sleep in a cabin, others on deck.

Photos from around the ship/ferry:

Looking toward the bow of the ship from the Solarium area. Now overcast again.

Snack bar area.

Enclosed forward lounge area for viewing

Tent camping on board under the Dining area.

There is a lot of art work both painted on and hanging on the walls.



And some original art work too....

There are instructional and directional signs everywhere on the ship as it is easy to get lost.

My favorite is .....

So do you go UP to the Lower Deck?


We finally reach the open waters, I take a nap and awake after we re-enter protected waters. Missed the rocking and rolling. That's okay, get enough of that riding Da'mit.

Tomorrow we land in Bellingham, WA.

Nite all, sleep well.





  1. Is the Ferry the M/V Columbia, sure looks like the one I rode back to Bellingham from Haines. See any Orcas?


  2. Yes, the M/V Columbia. Not sure if were Orcas or not. But whales were spotted, and bears along the shoreline.