Thursday, June 20, 2013

DAY Twenty-nine:Riding back up from Homer to Anchorage.

Last night a strong wind blew from the west as I set up the tent, so staked it well as best one can do in the sand. Once settled in, and the gear safely inside (sleeping bag, inflatible thermarest, riding gear, tank bag with camera, water bottle, extra blanket which I needed, extra jacket which I use as a pillow, left-over food from lunch for dinner).... slept well. The wind finally died down. In the morning could feel the wind picking up again, Out of the sleeping bag and dressing about 5 am. Up and packing, great until I stepped out of the tent and it blew over. The wind had changed directions in the night. now blowing against the unstaked side. Was a battle to get the tent down, folded and packed against the wind.

Riding off the spit, spotted this lighthouse on the edge of Homer.

Da'mit was feeling neglected, so we tried on an Alaska headset. Meet Da'mit the Alaska Moosemule. Would sure clear people out of our path, if it lowered, would make a good snow plow too.


The scenery was spectacular today. The sun was shinning, snow glistening and rivers flowing.

Took a turn-off to see Portage Glacier


Finally arrived at the Harley dealership to camp for the night.

Knocked the sand out of the tent and set it up.

Tomorrow we might meet a special guest motorcyclist. Wait for tomorrow posting for details.


Nite all,



  1. Great photos! I like the moose antlers on Da'mit...though it might cause wind resistance issues...; )

    Recommendation: use the bottom cushion of the sidecar seat as me.