Sunday, June 2, 2013

DAY Ten - A Gift of a Ride Today

After a day of rest, was up before the alarm, packed and on the road by 5 am. Riding northwest on Rt 287 out of Laramie was a bit nippy. Then we started climbing higher, highest point was 7600' according to my GPS. Da'mit is running strong but of course struggles with the climb at altitude.

Temperature is in the 40's, with wind chill factor, 30's. Yes, nippy it was. Really need to start wearing the cold weather gear.

By the time we arrived in Medicine Bow, it was breakfast at the famous Virginian Hotel. Based on the western novel, The Virginian, the mayor of Medicine Bow built a three story hotel with INDOOR plumbing and steam heat back in the 1800's. Today all of the rooms are maintained in their original style, but updated for safety. The doors to rooms not rented are left open so one can self-tour the hotel and see the how it was back then. Many famous and infamous gunslingers, murderers and lawmen stayed at The Virginian.

It was a grey early morning, the cook still sleepy-eyed when I walked in. Not that I was cold, but I would not release my coffee cup for her to refill it. I just wanted to suck every bit of warmth I could from that white porcelain mug. She expressed concern that she might spill hot coffee on my hands if I didn't set it down for a refill. That's okay, that's okay. Refill it

Leaving Medicine Bow it was north to Casper then west to Shoshoni, WY.

Afte several hours of not seeing any other vehicles, were beginning to wonder if we were on the right road.

Da'mit asks "Are we lost and why is there no water?"

No, don't think we want to go that way. That's Hell's Half Acre.

Okay, that's better. Just follow the yellow line all the way to Alaska. That's all you need for an adventure, a yellow line.

Okay, now to shut up and just show a few shots I got today. Rode from Laramie to Medicine Bow, to Shoshoni to Thermopolis to Billings, Montana.

Three tunnels coming up to enjoy...

Number #1

Number #2

And number #3. How cool was that?

Now for a taste of THE highlight of the day..... Wind River Canyon.

This was not on my bucket list, but had I known about Wind River Canyon, it would have been on there. Everybody should ride a motorcycle or drive a convertible through Wind River Canyon. In a sedan you will miss the total experience and beauty. Words fail me to do justice to and yet, still describe the incredible beauty, raw harshness and wonder of God's creation. Even non-believers would be in awe of this creation. Awe inspiring....... you MUST experience it for yourself. Put this one on your bucket list for sure!

Spotted numerous pronghorn antelope in Wyoming, but they are shy. Don't like having their photo taken.

Then there were three mule deer in Montana

And one Big Horn sheep.

Okay, I cheated on that one.

Coming down off the high plains you get this view.

Into Montana we see....

Da'mit, we definitely are not in Florida any more.


Now a few good words for the great people at Reiter's Kawasaki/Ural in Billings. I needed a new rear tire for Da'mit. Though I started with three good tires for the rear, sidecar and spare, the extra weight and many miles are wearing them down faster than I expected. I had just enough tread left to get to Billings, Montana, but no further. I shipped three new tires to Fairbanks, but I can't get there with the rubber that is left from here. You might remember that Jim in Mountain Home gave me a fresh front tire as the one I had was cupping badly. By the way, Jim, that tire looks still new after crossing three states.

For the non-Ural people, sidecar motorcycles require a different tire construction than two wheel motorcycles. They need a stiffer sidewall and flatter tread to withstand the unique physics that a sidecar rig creates.

I called Reiter's Friday. Yes, they had a tire for the Ural. The problem was I was in Laramie.Too far away riding a Ural to be there before they close at 5 pm on Saturday. Then Dave Ruff of Reiter's stepped up and made what I call the uniqueness of the Ural community. He offered to reopen the store Saturday night so I could get the tire I desperately needed. Otherwise I would have had to wait until after their weekend (like most motorcycle dealers across the country, they are closed on Sunday's and Mondays) to reopen on Tuesday. I would have lost two days while the Iron Butt clock is ticking....... Not that the pressure is on, but.....tick-tock, tick-tock......

Thank you Dave and thank you Reiter's.

So this day started and ended on a high note. If Da'mit and I never rode together again after today, this would have been the highlight of our wonderful partnership. When I am riding, I am glad to be alive. When I dismount at the end of the day, I am glad to be alive.

Today was a blessing.

Thanks....and nite ya'll.



The motorcyclist

Seeks not rainbow's golden pot

But to ride the bow



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  2. Beautiful scenery!! Putting Wind River Canyon on my "travel list". Glad all is well and looking forward to your next post!
    -Thenille & Alan

  3. John, if you go through Anaconda Montana ( I think its on I-15) there is a golf course called the Old Works. It's worth a stop to take a look at the beautiful fairways and greens and read the history of how it got built.

  4. Kudos to Reiter's URAL! Upholding the great service tradition I've personally experienced in other states.

  5. Richard, sorry, your comment was deleted bymistake. Was trying to edit my response and wiped out your words. Sorry

  6. Richard, you are right. The Ural goes through tires quickly. When the market grows, better tires will apear.