Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Final Farkle

Time is getting closer and am getting anxious.... added one last farkle before repacking. A waterproof case/pannier for gloves, balaclava, etc., an Ammo Box. Something if I stand over it, rain will not get in while I change from leather to rubber gloves. Plus I start the day early when still cold, so start with heavy gloves and switch to lighter ones later in the day.
Da'mit has been packed and repacked several times now, she is ready to go... as am I. Wife says my mind is already 100 miles on the road. She is right.

Still a few details to take care of at work first.
Stay tuned, we are about to start a new adventure.


  1. Good luck, have fun, make friends! I did a similar ride at age 65 on a KLR650 and was able to endure with lots of rest stops. When in Canada, remember to never pass up a Tim Hortons!

  2. Looks like things are progressing smoothly. I hope the rest of the trip is as good. I really like that photo you posted from Louisiana showing the horizon.