Thursday, May 30, 2013

DAY Seven - Ride the wind across Kansas

Well, not exactly riding with the wind, more like riding AGAINST the wind. This has been an exhausting day, fighting the wind to stay on the road. There have been tornado warnings throughout Kansas for the last two days. Normally when going down hill, the rig goes faster, but the wind was so strong it would even slow us down when going downhill if I did not keep the gas on. The forecast has been for nasty weather from Texas up through Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska all week. We keep our fingers crossed, get weather updates and keep moving.

Riding west out of Lyons, KS, we followed a rancher hauling a cow in a trailer. Wasn't a bull, was the udder kind. He was driving fast enough so we couldn't pass him and slow enough we had to slow down and follow behind. For fifteen - twenty miles we rode looking at the east end of a west bound cow. Now we understand that Alaskan expression, if you're not the lead dog on a sled team, your view of the world never changes. We must have been following too close and made the cow nervous, cause she lifted her tail and unloaded............ OooooohWheee, Back off Da'mit. My eyes are watering, Da'mit is coughing. Call the EPA. METHANE attack! The cow turned and looked like she was smiling. Sorry. no photos with smell-o-rama.

Dodging the rains across Kansas into Nebraska and Colorado. Riding in a zig-zag fashion, first west, then north, west again, north again, we avoided all of the numerous storm cells in Kansas we had been watching on the horizon.

Spotted these interesting figures on a ridge. Didn't see an explanation, who, why or what. Hunting party condemned to search the endless plains for the vanishing buffalo herd.....?


Da'mit wanted to join the hunt, but we had miles to ride.

Stopped in to use the wifi at the new Buffalo Bill Museum and Information Center in Oakley, KS.



Crossed into Nebraska for a few miles before landing in Yuma Colorado for the night. Rain finally caught us the last few miles, but we had been fighting that wind for ten hours, exhaustion was setting in. Grabbed the first motel where I could park close to the door. Threw the cover over Da'mit and collapsed in bed. Riding gear comes off later.

Tomorrow we stop in to visit the Ural dealer in Fort Collins. A fellow Ural rider from Boulder has offered to show me some cool mountain passes if we have time. Hopefully we will get some great photos of Urals and Rockies.

I'm done in, nite!



  1. Great Pictures!! Hate that the rain caught up to you but am glad you are west of all the nasty weather by now. I was lauging out loud reading about the cow...too funny!! Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Glad you enjoying the stories. Am just gathering material for stories to tell the grandchildren

  3. I read this blog 3 times now love it Van ( = gobium)