Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day Two - Crossing Florida

Before leaving Sebring, I removed the breather rubber hose/copper tube track and air vent. The wind coming around the side of the windshield was creating an updraft, blowing an oil mist on the backside of the windshield, gauges, helmet shield etc. Bought a 3 ft section of hose, rerouted the breather to the left rear swingarm. Far enough back and to the side so it would not oil the rear tire, but drip roadside. Crude but it works... an WWID solution. For non-Ural riders a translation "WWID" = What Would Ivan Do?" The simplest solution is normally the best for a Ural. Do not over-think or over-complicate things unnecessarily.

Ridingwise, not a lot to report today, mainly saddle time. Left Sebring with the odometer reading 5851, heading north, then west then north, then west and north again. The temps were rising, by 2 pm was over 90 degrees. The wildflowers along the roadside made for miles of pink borders to follow.


I mentioned the other day how beautiful Floral City is. Here is a shot of the street...

The heat and distance was sapping my energy. Round about 2, pulled into a library parking area, threw the rain poncho on the ground in the shade under some pine trees. Once I laid down, was asleep instantly.

Awoke refreshed after a half an hour. These power naps on the ground work great to relax the mind, rest the eyes and straighten the back.

Back in the saddle, arrived in Marianna by 3:30. Had a few UDF's at the McD's. Decided to close the chapter on Florida, so headed north to Alabama. Arriving in Ozark, AL, found a place to rest for the night.

Ending odometer, 6522.... that's 671 km (417 miles) for the day. That was too much. Hopefully that will be the only day of intense riding. Need to throttle back the pace and enjoy the ride.


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  1. 300 mile days are about right for me and my Ural...I went too fast on way north to Alaska....