Thursday, May 30, 2013

DAY Eight - Photo Day in Colorado

Awoke this morning and the winds were calm. Finished writing yesterdays blog page, called Darrell near Boulder and we agreed to meet in Greeley for coffee. Darrell, aka Coluralado, had offered to show me some Colorado mountains and photo ops.

After meeting at Starbucks, we rode into Fort Collins to meet Randy and Tammy, the owners of Unique Rides, the Colorado Ural dealer. Randy gave us several ideas for places nearby we could ride to.

Here are the photos from today.

Darrell with owners Tammy and Randy of Unique Rides in Fort Collins, CO
Colorado Mountain stream

Darrel coming through the tunnel in Poudre (?) Canyon.

Urals resting in mountain canyon

No shortage of rocks here

Time for lunch

Darrell, thank you for taking the time to show me some of Colorado. Hope to be back soon for more.

The last Colorado post office (closed) before crossing into Wyoming. Made it to Laramie WY fopr the night. Quit early today. After fighting the winds to cross the mountains to Laramie, I was beat. Felt like someone put me in a clothes dryer to tumble for five hours.


Forgot to mention that Da'mit had a run-in yesterday in western Kansas. Saw it coming, moving too fast, rolled in front of us. could not avoid it.

Da'mit got nailed by a tumble weed.

The severe storms have been all over the western states this week. They keep saying tomorrow will be quiet, but..... am to ride up thru Thermopolis WY on the way to Billing, Montana tomorrow. Will check the forecast before leaving in the morning.

Many thanks to all for following along on this ride.




  1. Beautiful photos of the area. Have fun in Thermopolis, were you going to try out the hot springs?

    What part of the trip is the most tiring? Handling the rig in the wind? Traffic? Just wondering...

  2. Thanks Richard. Will check out those hot springs. The winds have to be the most tiring. You are constantly trying to stay in control of the machine every minute you are on it.
    Since I am avoiding interstates and large cities, traffic has not been much of an issue.

  3. Great to meet you and take a look at Da'mit ! Will post the 2 pics I took on the Soviet Steeds site. Enjoy the ride!

  4. Paul, glad you could come over and check out Da'mit on such short notice.

  5. Glad Darrell was able to show you around! I am in WA right now, would have liked to join you guys.

  6. Charlie6

    Glad to hear you are safely back in the lower 48. You had one heck of an adventure, and the photos to prove it too.

    Would love to get together with you and Darrell for some mountain passes.