Sunday, May 19, 2013

Riding Day -4 to launch

After four hours of sleep, it was up, stuff a few small things in and be on the road by 6:20 am.

Have always wanting to get a photo of the Ural at the local monastery, so on the way out of town we stopped.


A few more blessing for the traveler won't hurt,. you never know. To watch over me and Da'mit.
Spotted three whitetail deer feeding in a field in East Texas, but they ran with tails flagging at the sound of Da'mit.

Finally crossed the first of many borders to come...

The calendar says mid-May but the temperatures were hitting the high 80's. Forecast for tomorrow is higher. I should be riding northward, not south. Well, that will come soon enough.

You don't see many of the old fire watch towers anymore. Most have been taken down for scrap iron. Here is the only one I saw today.

No gators spotted but turtles and snakes were on the roads today.

By Five o'clock had reach the day's destination, even after sleeping on a picnic table for an hour in the middle of the day (sorry, no photos).

So we pushed on until 6, ending the first day at 624k, or 387.7 miles. Had a few small issues, one the iphone vibrated out of its holder due to the roads. Of course I did not notice it was gone until a few miles down the road, by then panic had set in, after turning around to look for the remains on the road, I looked down and saw it between the seat and the tank. It was caught in a nook, never hit the pavement. The riding gods smiled on me today.

Second issue is the farkled breather is releasing an oil mist that is smearing face shield, windshield and gauges. When I stopped to drain it, not much came out. So am thinking the engine pressure is pushing the oil/water mixture up and out the breather filter. May have to do like Ural CT and strap on an aluminum Bud bottle to caught the overflow.

All in all a good first day. now for a couple of aspirin and sleep.




  1. Good start to the journey! I wish nothing but trouble-free miles of smiles. You lucked out on the phone, I now tend to dummy-cord everything on the rig!

    I've reverted to the stock hose from the crankcase breather to the airbox for now. Trying to reduce variables while certifying the new ignition coil.

    Cheers, looking forward to your next postings.


    1. Charlie, am following your advice, keeping the rpm's between 3800-4200 for cruising. Have noticed the speed is getting fast at those rpm's too.

      With the pvc airbox, I can't route the breather to the airbox. Will talk to Gene about it.

  2. Glad day 1 was successful. Look forward to more..

  3. Welcome Marine, hope you enjoy the ride