Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day -1 Hopopaw Gene

Awoke to flashing lights and a loud horn blasting like a car alarm had gone off. It was right outside the building I was sleeping. Thinking it was either an EMS ambulance or a fire truck, I jumped up to look out. To my surprise it was a big yellow school bus making all the racket, warning lights flashing and that white dome light they put on the roof now. Now why would they be makking so much noise? Maybe the kiddos they were suppose to pick up were not out there yet, 5:45 am? So they were calling them??????

Well the noise and lights went on for 20 - 30 minutes. I never went out. Later Gene tells me the lady bus driver panicked when the bus security alarm went off so she pulled over. Had the dispatcher on her cell phone but they could not turn it off, or they could not hear each other with all the racket. Gene said he finally just pulled the wire off the horn to stop it.

Well, Ken finished the seat back and mounted it. The jury is still out if it was a good idea or not. Will know after a couple of days riding with it. Ken finished the 5000k service, checked the valves, slight adjustment only. Then checked the alignment for the pulling to the right. Alignment was perfect. So we decided, since there is so much extra gear and weight in the sidecar, we would try increasing the sidecar tire pressure to 40 psi, like the pusher tire.

Speaking of tires, even though I have three new tires waiting for me in Fairbanks, the OEM tires are not lasting long, due to the load. Well have to keep an eye on them.

Gene feels the lower mpg is due to the weight and windshield. First day was 21.9 mpg, Day two was 24 mpg. I have notice the mph getting slightly better as the ride progresses.

This is Ken's 2012 Patrol T. He has added camo, canvas panniers, custom seat, Summit Racing exhaust pipes, and a few other nice touches.

Here is Gene's ride of choice, Says he can cruise at 70 on his retro. They also build and sell trailers for the Ural sidecar rigs, sized perfect.

Here is Ken on the left and Holopaw Gene. Half of a guard dog too.

By noon Gene and Ken had me ready to go.

Was on the road again with the idea to spend the night in Homestead and do and in-n-out on Key West Thursday. By 6 pm I was in Homestead looking for a room. The riding day was spent putting on and taking off rain gear. One the gear did not keep the rain out of my boots, Two, when the rain stopped, the gear does not breath so it gets hot....FAAST.

Have a pair of insulated winter boots for Alaska, will try riding with those in the rain to see if my feet stay dry. IF not, will have to shop for better waterproof footwear.

Well, tomorrow it is up at 4:30 and scoot down to Key West, find a couple of witnesses, take the required photo and get the starting gas receipt which will start the official Iron Butt clock.

Night all


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  1. Mileage in the low 20s! Perhaps I need to rethink the sidecar thing a bit...

    Looking forward to the start.