Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day -2 Crossing Central Florida

Awoke at 4:30, on the still dark road by 4:50. Riding thru a national forest in the early morning dark, one worries about critters dashing out on front of one, the two bright yellow Hella FF500 auxiliary lights did the job, one pointed down thee road, the other pointed at the shoulder to spot critter's eyes to allow time to slow down. That plus keep the speed down.

Dawn in Florida finally wakes up, a heavy wet fog hangs in the air. While the Mississippi morning fog was more of a whispy misty veil hanging across the sky, the Florida fog was a heavy wet grey blanket that made anything dry wet, and anything wet now dripping with dew. Deep thick fog with no color, so thick the Florida sunshine could get through.

It was so foggy, How foggy was it? It was so foggy they couldn't see what they were spelling.....

Saw my first moose of the trip today, hope to see many more before it is over.

Floral City is a beautiful scenic hometown town with roadways canopied with long strands of spanish moss trying to reach the ground, cascading from old roadside oaks, creating a a shady leafy tunnel of shade to ride through.


Had to take Hwy 192 near Disneyworld,.....Da'mit let'd go. Or should say Let's stop. Too many stoplights and too much traffic. Finally understood that the far right lane here is for local traffic to turn into sidestreets or business on the right and the middle lane is for through traffic.

Arrived at Holopaw Corvette, Gene and Kenny were expecting me tomorrow. As we talked of things I needed done, happened to mention that I missed not having a back rest. Gene turns to Kerry and asks if they still have that old rest lying around, After several minutes looking, Kenny yells out from behind the many shelves holding parts, "Found it!" The mounting won't work but he says they can make one for my HDPolice seat. The rest of the day was spent fabricating a mount for the back rest. Tomorrow, the 5000k service and check the sidecar alignment as it has a slight pull to the right.


The only rain of the trip so far was encountered ten miles from Gene's place in the country. Once safely in the shop the downpour began in earnest. Gene has offered a camping spot anywhere on the back 40 of his land. Or, he says there is a storage building where his old business used to be before moving into the larger metal building. It was near a restroom I could use. Hmmm, setting up in a dry building or camping in the wet tall grasses fighting off swams of mosquitos..... Chose the building near the restroom. Those Florida mosquito may be small but theey suck you dry. Swept the floor, set up the cot, pulled out a blanket for the night.

If we get the service done by noon tomorrow, Wednesday, will leave for Key West with the idea to spend the night near Homestead, then do a down and back on Key West Thursday. Gene mentioned how expensive everything was in Key West AND... this would be a holiday weekend. So best to get in and out before Friday.

Nite all


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