Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day five - M&L - Then on to Kansas

Jim cooked up a great breakfast of bisquits and sausage gravey, scrambled eggs with cheese, coffe just the way I like it, (made their way, mellow, not bitter). Thank you Jim and Cathy for the warm hospitality, for opening your lovely home to a fellow Uralist stranger. If you ever get down to Houston area, you have a place to stay.

In Mountain Home, Arkansas, Cathy, CCjon and Jim


With clothes in the washing machine Jim and I changed the engine oil, the transmission oil and the final drive oil. Da'mit was due for her 7500km service. Then we dismounted the cupped front tire and mounted a slightly used Duro tire that Jim had. Then we rotated the three rear tires. Am trying to get the maximum mileage from all three before buying new ones. Still have the one spare mounted under the front of the sidecar. My security blanket. There are three tires waiting for me in Fairbanks, but most likely will need the extra spare before then. Will have to make that decision by Montana. Once in Canada will be very difficult to find the right size tires for Da'mit..

By noon everything was done, clothes clean, dry and packed - we're ready to head out. Jim and Cathy rode with me to the other side of the Missouri border where we had lunch out on the balcony of the Antler Inn.

After saying our goodbyes, I headed north to Ada, MO, turn left to go west on Rt 14 toward Kansas, but first had to get past Joplin.

Jim helped me study the map last night, so had a good idea where I wanted to cross.

Caught portions of the old Route 66 too.


Even though the sky was overcast, it was hot. How hot did you say?

Well, It was so hot...even the cows decided to visit the ole swimming hole to cool off.

Made it to Cherokee, Kansas. The wind is picking up. Decided to camp in the city park. The policeman who came by said it was against city ordinance to camp there. After talking awhile, convinced him to call up the mayor and see if I could stay the night in the park in a picnic shelter. Came back ina few minutes, said the mayor approved it.

Great, up went the hammock, in went the sleeping bag, zz time coming fast. Tomorrow we ride to El Dorado KS to visit another Ural dealer, 321 Kawasaki.

Nite- y'all






  1. Jon,

    Ana and I await your post each day. safe riding and i pray the weather holds for you.

  2. Thanks Greg. Hear you had a bit of a storm at the party the other night.............
    Am in Wyoming tonight. Making great time.

  3. Nice of the mayor and officer to let you camp.....