Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day -3 Louisiana to Florida

The morning mist lightly hung over the pine trees as if the trees were holding it aloft. While drops of misty water fell heavily from the tree leaves, a spring rain without the thunder. Dew drops glistened like diamonds reflecting the sun on the roadside grasses. Good morning Mississippi, how are ya??
There is something about having coffee in the morning with your friends. While the local McDonalds has replaced the local diner for the morning meetings, the topics, characters and conversation remain the same.
Old men sitting around with their gimme baseballs caps and faded blue bib overalls, talking about the weather, what ole Joe could have done to get a better crop yield but he don't mind none at all, you know. And why Bill went out of business, too bad too, I told him he needed a bigger selection but Walmart had him beat on prices.
The nuggets of truth and wisdom are passed from one generation to the next at these coffee klatches. The older guys pass on their knowledge earned in the school of country living, telling the younger ones of how it was, what went wrong and why you shouldn't trust them guys in suits on Main Street.
Well, gotta go, the chicken won't feed themselves is a parting phrase. Understood and accepted by all,even though they all know Henry's wife got rid of his chicken a few years ago when he had his first heart attack. But that's okay, Henry shares his wisdom of working the land and they know he earned that knowledge, one drought at a time.
Life in rural America is same no matter which state you happen to find yourself. Old men talk about the weather and old women talk about old men.
Passed by my destination today and added a few more kicks to odometer.
Ended with 4426 showing. 614 more than yesterday, or 381.5 miles. Will need to keep this pace when doing the Iron Butt to Alaska. Try to build up a margin for contingencies. Tomorrow I arrive at Holopaw Gene's for the 5000k service and to check over the rig before starting the actual run.
Tonight it is sleeping under an overhang at a river fishing camp near a national forest in Florida, no wifi but the price is right....nada, zero, zip. The man answered when I asked how much, "Now why would I charge you?"
Compared to the night before in a small Louisiana country town when three different panhandlers and panhandresses(?) approached asking for,... money? NO! ... gas? NO! ... white lighting? WHAT? Yes I normally pack heat when traveling but Canada won't let you bring a handgun in, so... not to worry, am not totally defenseless. The most dangerous critters walk on two legs and live in the cities. Bears are not to be worried about, its them city critters.
Night ya'll


ps. about 9:30 a fogging truck drove thru and within 20 minutes all the mosquitos were gone. slept better after that.

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