Sunday, May 26, 2013

DAY Three- Alabama

A morning moon setting over Alabama. This is why I try to be out riding before the sun comes up.

After getting routed onto an Interstate near Montgomery, decided that was not what I wanted, so jumped off, followed some local country roads, got lost, ask a local for directions. The road he put me on landed me in Clanton Alabama. Stopped at the Main St. Cafe in downtown Clanton for a country breakfast. Here I write. Very picturerquese, flowers are blooming, the people are friendly. One local couple admiring Da'mit, told me Clanton is the real Alabama small town. Nothing fake, real southern hospitality. Enjoy while you are here. Thanks, I'll try.


Is interesting just to sit in a small town country cafe in the south, enjoy a real home-cooked eggs, thick salty bacon, grits with a dab of butter ( the real stuff, not margarine), biscuits with sausage gravy, hot cakes and coffee, while quietly listening to the word use, southern phrasing with Alabama pronunciation. Words have no "g's" and the "a" is drawn out. Hung around extra just to listen to the words - song of the south.

Time to make some miles, need to get to Hamilton to visit the Ural dealer there before day's end. Nothing wrong with Da'mit. No worries there. I had written each of the Ural dealers that would be along my route as well as the Ural importer, explaining my trip and how I might need their assistance. Since I didn't, wanted to stop in and meet them anyways. Rode Rt 43 from Tuscaloosa to Hamilton.

This Alabama plantation home had a for sale sign out front, but Da'mit said it did not fit her style.


The owner of Motorsports Superstore was not in, but the general manager called him and he came right over. Said Ural America had contacted him also about my trip. The general manager, service manager and technicials all took photos of Da'mit and asked questions about the farkles. Jeffery XXXXX, the owner, and I talked for over an hour about Urals, riding, Iron Butt rides, etc. They closed shop at 3 pm, so said my goodbyes. They gave me a t-shirt, cap and water bottle for good luck on the ride. Left them a copy of my poem, Ride The Horizon and a link to the blog.

Jeffery, the owner. If you live within a couple hundred miles of Hamilton, go see these folks. Their Ural mechanic has been thru the Ural school in Redmond.


Decided to get a few more miles in before sunset. Crossed into Mississippi. In trying to stealth camp at the end of a large field behind a Baptist church, got stuck in the mud. Da'mit. Must have been why that portion of the field was not mowed....Duh! For the first time, Da'mit got to try out her two wheel drive. Didn't like going forward, but shift into reverse and she walked right out. Of course now, I owe her a bath. Da'mit bears the markings of a true adventure motorcycle.


Few miles down the road was a sign to Trace State Park, two miles to the right. Let's take a chance. They have primitive camping site, restrooms with showers, senior rate, $13.00. Am writing this from a picnic table next to the lake. My Hennessy Hammock is up and waiting. Big Agnes sleeping bag and Thermarest are inside. Too dark for photos now, but in the morning, depending on what time I leave.

The hammock is quicker setting up and taking down than a tent, iunless there are no trees, like out on the tundra.

Ending odometer today, 7043. That makes 521 km, or 324 miles. All in all a good day, no rain, not too hot. Less humidity.

Please understand that most of my writing is at night after a long day, when I tend to be more error prone. Am also writing in a diary with the idea that between the blog and the diary I can recover most of the details of the trip.

Night all.



  1. Very nice first picture! That 2wd comes in handy don't it?

  2. Wow, what a trip so far Jan. We'll talk about you tonight at the Miller's.