Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cross Country Route

Was asked about the route I will be traveling and where I will be staying or camping. Here is the list of each day’s planned ending location. Of course, plans can change due to weather, mechanical issues or rider fatigue.

Day     Location
 -4. Amite City, LA
 -3. Marianna, FL
 -2. St. Cloud, FL – Ural dealer
 -1. St Cloud, FL - 5000km service
 0. Key West, FL – Official start Friday May 24th
 1. St. Cloud, FL
 2. Marianna, FL
 3. Hamilton, AL – Ural dealer
 4. Rest and Maintenance
 5. Mountain Home, AR
6. El Dorado, KS – Ural dealer
7. Alma, NE
8. Fort Collins, CO – Ural dealer
9. Rest and Maintenance
10. Thermopolis, WY
11. Billings, MT – Ural dealer
12. Billings, LT - 10,000km service
13. Browning, MT 14. Airdrie, Alberta – Ural dealer
15. Hinton, AB
16. Dawson Creek, BC
17. Rest and Maintenance
18. Fort Nelson, BC
19. Watson Lake, YT
20. Whitehorse, YT
21. Rest and Maintenance
22. Dawson City, YT
23. Tok, AK
24. Fairbanks, AK – Ural dealer
25. Rest, Maintenance, new tires
26. Coldfoot, AK
27. Deadhorse, AK - Official End of IBA Ride

 The cities with Ural dealers are highlighted for stopping in, saying “Hi”and meeting other Uralists. Of course, the route and timing are subject to change if weather or mechanical issues arise. There is not much leeway in the schedule for repairs or down time. Might have to up the miles per day ridden to gain a wider margin for unplanned delays......

 The idea is to ride several days, stop rest, perform bike maintenance and do laundry. While camping is the preferred sleeping mode, there is one long distance riding rule I abide by: If cold and wet at the end of the day, get a motel room. Dry out. Start again fresh the next morning.

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  1. Looks like another great adventure. Will be following this one.