Friday, July 12, 2013

On the trail again with Da'mit

Waiting in Hobby Airport to board the flight to Denver, a positive sign was given of what awaits for Da'mit and I.

Arrived in Boise after several delays. Finally fall into bed at 2:00 am. Up at 6 am, walk to the dealership.

Sitting in the back lot with her new found stable mate... waiting.

Da'mit says the guys at Big Twin are very professional and caring. Especially Jeff who fitted her with the new engine. Was careful and took tender care of her.

Da'mit surprised me the comment "Too bad he's not my type though."

"Really. And what type is that?"

"Yeti, are you blind? He only has two legs."

Da'mit had taken to calling me her Texas Yeti. Said I remind her of the Russian Yeti back in the Ural Mountains where she was born.

"Because of my tall handsome rugged good looks?" I asked.

"No, poor eating habits, unkept beard and need a bath!"


So I trimmed the beard and took a bath before returning to Boise.

After a final tweaking by Jeff, Da'mit was ready to hit the open road. Well, not too hard. Take it easy they said. So we rode 105 km today, staying in Parma, ID for the night, tomorrow on to Bend, OR.

Riding out of Boise we spot an abandoned ghost/haunted village. Well, the ghosts there must be a playful group. Across the road is a used farm implement dealer. Someone in the middle of the night flipped their sign over.

Maybe this is this the ghost version of midnight cow tipping?


Will give a report on Da'mit's transplant tomorrow after we put s few more miles on her.

Nite Da'mit,

Nite all



  1. Good to see you both back on the road!


    1. Thanks Dom, feels good to be exploring with Da'mit again.

  2. Boris was sad to see Da'mit leave the stable.

    1. I'll bet. Noticed they were getting a little too cozy there in the back corner.

  3. Good to see you both up and running (in). Good luck.