Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 5th in Houston

Is relaxing to be in own bed again and home with family. The routine of the road remains, still awake at 4am. Cannot lose that habit, Da'mit awaits...

Celebrated my beautiful wife's birthday..... at lunch.

At dinner, our oldest son's birthday...

His family helping blow out the candle.

And of course our country's birthday!

The road beard was getting too long for hot weather. Time to trim it back to normal. Hudson and Harrison agreed to help trim Grandpa's beard.......

First Hudson happily trims a little... watch the nose!

Next Harrison gets seriously into it...

Then everybody wants to give me a cut....

Hope you and yours had a relaxing weekend.

Nite all



  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend, how's the rig running now?


    1. Dom,
      Da'mit awaits my return in Boise. Flying up Thursday PM. Restart ride on Friday.
      Just watched your video with my beautiful wife... love it. Is interesting to contrast the vistas of an April ride with a June ride.
      The last time I was up there was in September. That was great with the fall colors.
      You and I need to ride together at least once and share ideas.

  2. thanks for the update...would like it a lot to do a ride with you....I hope you'll be cruising through Colorado on the way back to Texas?