Friday, July 5, 2013

DAY Forty-two: Flight to Houston

Awake at 3 am, finish packing and load UHaul. Meet taxi driver at 3:30 who will follow me to the UHaul drop off spot. Then take me to the airport. Flight leaves at 6 am so try to be there two hours before

Observations: As the age for girls piercing their ears fell, the number of piercings rose? Correlation? It seems more women than men are getting tattoos these days. Will the age for girls getting tattoos drop too?

The dress code for flying these days has changed drastically from when I first flew the 1960's.

The sky was clear and blue with interesting cloud formations. They made me think of ice the sky.

First calving from the glacier...

, then slowing drifting away on a sea of blue air...

Arrived safely home with family.

Grandsons, Hudson andHarrison coming from the beach.

Life is good.

Nite all.



p.s. Note to the guys: Never refer to the beautiful love of your life as "the wife". Nuff said! Da'mit.


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  1. Sounds like you wish you could get away with that "look" hair color, jeans and all. Afraid that you might be spotted…