Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crater Lake south to California

Tuesday July 17, 2013: We are back in riding mode after recuperating from a stomach virus. Up at 4:30, on the road by 5 am. Was cooler than I expected, had to stop and add layers. Headed south out of Bend to see Crater Lake. Everyone up here has said what a fantastic sight it is, so 80 miles south it awaits.

Early morning ride.. Da'mit in the mist.

July 23rd, we still find snow on the ground.. at 7500 ft.

Coming in from the north was a more gentle sloping ride, little traffic. At the first chance we take a photo of Crater Lake.

As you can see, we are at the wrong angle to the sun for a decent photo. So we ride to the other side of the crater.

Ahhh, that's better. The lake is smooth as glass in the early morning.

Crater Lake was formed when a volcano blew its's top then collapsed, creating a lake in the void.

Earlier at breakfast, the waitress warned us about the many deer up here. This is the only one we saw. Look at the size of the trees in relation to the adult doe.

When leaving we discovered most people come in from the south. Am glad we didn't as is a steeper climb and too much traffic.

Da'mit poses with the elk in front of a casino. The light isn't on, that's the sun reflecting. I found if I leave the yellow lights uncovered, they attract the attention of other drivers. Making riding safer for me.

We cross into California. Seems strange we are going south to go east, but the number of roads to choose from is limited. One goes south, then east, then south. Eventually we will get to Texas.

By now all of the cold weather riding gear is shed. Sipping water out of the camelback every hour or sooner. Is important so as to not get dehydrated. A BMW friend from Houston dehydrated himself riding up to the Salem rally, ending up in the hospital in Nevada. I plan on avoiding that fate.

Escaping the hot dry high desert sun for a few minutes. After many miles of looking, the only shade we could find that we could drive up under.

Leaving Adin, CA. Da'mit saw some friendly folks and insisted that we stop. It started with just two and soon there were four. Kibitzing as only kin of her persuasion can do. They listened intently as Da'mit spun stories of Alaska, glaciers and Charlie Boorman.

Resting in Susanville, CA tonight. From a distance I thought it was raining, but they say it is smoke or a dust storm. Must be dust as I don't smell smoke.

Tomorrow on to Sparks NV and the Loneliest Highway???? Da'mit is up for the challenge.

Nite Da'mit,

Nite all.



  1. That fourth shot of the lake and the reflection of the crater rim....outstanding.


  2. Agree about the Crater Lake photo but the clouds in the elk statue are wonderful. Ugh, Sparks, NV, and the loniliest highway. I've been on that more than a few times. I used to do field work in Battle Mountain, NV, among many other places.

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  4. I hope to see Crater Lake for myself this summer....