Friday, July 19, 2013

BMW Rally-Interesting Rigs and Events

Today will be a photo display of some of the more interesting motorcycles seen at the Rally.

1954 R51/3

!968 R60/2

Next is a 1929 R 11 which came in third place in the 2012 Cannonball run. Which is a race of vintage motorcycles from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Interesting that a modern flashlight was needed to supplement the original headlight beam. The brass horn is classic.

The 1929 engine compartment, right side

the left side.


This is a 1925 model R22 BMW. What collectors refer to a "barn find". Notice it still has the pigeon dropping on the tank.


This bike's speedometer...

is driven by a pulley belt...

And the rear brake is the large rim ... fastened to the SPOKES of the rear wheel. Has a shaft drive as all BMW's design did originally.

One can easily see some of the Ural heritage in these old bikes.

Homemade racing sidecar...

Then there was the sidecar off-road school that I spectated....




Coach Ramey Stroud teaching what he knows best....



No Urals participated in the dirt fun this year.Wasn't about to put Da'mit in this show until her new engine is properly broken in.

Nite Da'mit

Nite all


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  1. It was really great to meet you at the rally. After all how hard can it be to find a camo sidecar rig at the rally? (I think I spotted five!)