Saturday, July 27, 2013

Moab Hot Footing - Chama Cold Footing

On the road in Utah by 6:30, we watch the sun rise in the east. Decided to see what all the excitement is with Moab country.
As we turn toward Moab, the earth erupts with shapes and colors not seen before on this ride. The rising sun dances across the hills and plateaus.
First highlighting them, then giving them color.
Depending on the angle of the sun, is how intense the colors are. At time I wish I had a wider angle lens on the camera. But then I would need a 360 degree lens to capture all of the natural beauty around us.

A canyon for travel - road, train and timeless rock walls reflecting the earth's development eons ago.

Not to be out done, the wind has taken its turn in shaping the landscape.

Wilson's Bridge

An old log cabin awaits for someone to take its picture. The stories it could tell of freezing nights and blistering days.

Da'mit wonders why I pose her next to old buildings and equipment. I ask if she wants to pose next to modern equipment too. "Yes" she replies.

Here is Da'mit posing with a "modern" aeroplane.

Little did she notice that both tires are flat, the weeds are uncut, in other words, this plane won't fly. Dirty trick to play on the mule that has carried me so far.

The temperatures soared into the 90's in Utah, then began cooling off in Colorado but by then we were racing through Cortez and Durango to stay ahead of developing thunder storms. We could see the dark clouds gathering on the highest peaks first, then enveloping the lower ones.

We never had a chance, it won. Finally caught us in New Mexico.

By Chama, New Mexico, the cold wind and heavy rain was all around us. There was no direction we could go and not get wet. Now is as good a time as any to try the rain gear. Once dressed. we rode on. The camera stayed safely packed away in a dry spot.

Climbing up over Brazos Bluff into the Carson National Forest, the temperatures dropped. Cold rain was pelting us as we climbed and climbed. As in the song, Maybelline, the rain was doing my engine good, Da'mit actually enjoyed the cool front, began running stronger. Urals don't like hot hot weather. Saps their energy.

By Tres Piedras we were out of the rain, but still cool. There were no gas stations so I dumped the auxilary two and half gallons of gas in Da'mit. Crossing the high plains of northern New Mexico, we reached Taos in time to refill our gas supply, and get a hot bowl of chili at Wendy's.

The last twenty-five miles takes us back into the high country. Expecting more rain, we re-suited. We finally arrive at our destination - Angel Fire. AF is a winter ski resort with a mountain biking center in the summers.

Here we will rest and perform maintenance/repairs on Da'mit over the next several days. At 8500' elevation, I will not be moving very fast up here.

Nite Da'mit,

Nite all.

p.s. awoke to 55 degree dry sunny day. Ain't life grand!


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