Thursday, July 18, 2013

BMW Rally Set Up

Today was a Leadership Summit for club officers. The club officers from various clubs around the country were there, sharing their ideas on how to build membership, offer more to our members, activities, rides, events. Met the Board of Directors and the newly elected President.


The Rally is gearing up. Vendors are showing up, setting up. Attendees are showing up too.

The food vendors are here. An interesting assortment.


Grannies Treats. Grannie has a sweet tooth.
Cooking up chicken for the hungry hordes yet to arrive.

And for the health food nuts, two of the five food groups, Twinkies and Oreos.. deep fried. Hummmm.

Tomorrow the Rally seminars start tomorrow at 7:30 till 5 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Topics ranging from safe cornering instruction to international touring to health issues to packing light. Saturday evening they will draw 12 winners of new BMW motorcycles.

TIn the morning, vendors will open their stands and BMW will offer test rides of their newest motorcycles.

Da'mit needs her first break-in oil change. Will have to get that before leaving Salem.

Nite Da'mit.

Nite all.


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  1. Howdy Jon. JohnD here from Michigan, friend of your sister. I'm out here on my K75 but have not run into a really tall guy on a 3-wheeled Ural yet. Volunteered at the beer garden last night but didn't spot you there either. Maybe tonight.