Monday, July 22, 2013

BMW Rally last day

Saturday was the last day of the rally in Salem, Oregon. The weather had been perfect for the rally. No rain, high temps in the eighties, 5000 plus BMW aficionados sharing ideas for riding, wrenching and traveling by motorcycle.

The grounds filled with vendors and riders. Several vendors I spoke with said the rally on Thursday and Friday was good for them. Many riders went out to explore the area Saturday. Oregon is a beautiful state for riding

and camping....



BMW riders are more about how far can they can ride and then camp.... as opposed to let's ride to the next bar and drink.

Sunday I packed and loaded Da'mit to start the trek to Texas. Have to keep an eye of the weather reports. Seems another heat wave is crossing the country.

Plan is to avoid the heat by staying in higher elevations or by riding more early mornings.

Made it down to Bend for the night. Sunday traffic was bad, but most cars were heading in the opposite direction.

Nite Da'mit

Nite all.




  1. Will you be passing by Denver?

    1. Am trying for Denver, Dom. Would like to meet you and swap stories and photo tips.

      Are you going to Peonia rally TOR?

  2. CCjon, dang I'd forgotten about the TOR, can probably meet you there if that's part of your plans....please confirm. Note, there's a night's stay in the Denver area at my place if you need it on your way home to Texas!