Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BMW Pre-Rally Days

Is interesting to see the processes of organization and dis-organization of volunteers when facing a major task. They expect 5000 people to attend the rally. Starts Thursday 7/18 goes thru Saturday 7/20.

There are numerous committees with their specific tasks, some over lap, not as much as one might expect.

Contractors do the heavy specialized work, such as electrical, large tents and awnings, vendor area with drapes, tables and dividers, food and beverage with their specialized needs and musical entertainment. The volunteers handle the registration, security, seminars, special services, first aid, organizing the grounds area for events and use.

The early arrivals are committee chairs, co-chairs and volunteers who want to help. Even then, there are a lot of early arrivals. More than what I thought would be here three days before the Rally starts. Many are looking for that ideal camping spot and not have to camp out in the hot sun.

Here are shots of the fairgrounds as it fills up.

Those large tents will be the beer garden, surrounded by hot asphalt.

This lot will be packed come Friday. Will take another shot then.

Electrical contractors setting up outlets everywhere.

Club camping area. This will be covered with tents and campers in a couple of days.

Halls are now empty but the eighteen wheeler needs unloading.

There were 12 or more volunteers unloading this truck. They are done now.

Contractor setting up the vendor hall.

This hall, in another few days, and another will be completely full of vendors and riders.

Here are shots of the early arrivals camping areas

The barrel sculpture garden with tents.

Early arrivals get the shady spots.

Some don't...

The card game starts to pass the day. BMW riders like colorful tents. Maybe it matches their colorful riding gear......?

Don't know if they operate the chair lift or not.

And finally the center piece sculpture of the fairgrounds, the Spirit of Oregon Tower, everyone refers to it as Flame.

Makes it easy to find friends, just tell them to meet you under the Flame.

Nite Da'mit

Nite all.




  1. It looks hot…

    The last couple of MOA rallys that I've attended have been really hot but hopefully it won't be humid. At least there's a chance to cool off.

    1. Weather has been pleasant, even cool the last two days here. A change from the last several rally they've had.

  2. The white-haired woman sitting on a chair in the loading ramp photo is Peggy Garrison, one of my Indianapolis BMW Club friends.
    I had planned to attend, but financial pressures are keeping me at home in Arkansas.
    Have a good one!

    1. Will say Hi to Peggy when I see her again.