Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bend, Oregon

What a beautiful area around Bend, Oregon. High enough in the tree line to be cool at night, warm(this week hot) during the day and dry. Over a half dozen snow covered peaks can be seen from in town.

One of them experienced a major forest fire several years ago. Recovery takes time, lots of time. It is a shame that the tree huggers, the people who claim to care about protecting the trees are actually responsible for aiding uncontrollable forest fires. In their strident efforts to protect "all" trees, they have prevented the responsible thinning of underbrush and unhealthy trees, thus adding to the amount of dead underbrush which contributes fuel to forest fires. Thus making them burn hotter, causing more damage to the healthy trees and vegetation, slowing the forest's recovery period.

That major fire several years ago was around Mount Washington, just north of Bend.

Check out the foreground.

Spotted a perfect camping wagon for my next trip.

Da'mit, do you think you can pull it?

"What, you sleep in where it is nice and dry, even warm while I sleep outside? Cold, wet and miserable? And you want me to pull it too? No way, Jose!"

Okay, maybe if I buy Da'mit some colorful bling she will pull the wagon for me.
She was insulted. Said I was trying to make her look like a two-bit bimbo. Said she could never show her face in Russia if she was seen wearing cheap gaudy trinkets like that.
Now she not talking to me...
Area north of Bend, old thrashing machines in foreground.
Arrived at the state fairgrounds in Salem where the national BMW Rally will be held. Found out we could not camp there as a carnival was wrapping up that day and they needed to clean everything out before the next group started moving in. So we had to find a room for the night.
Tomorrow we volunteer to help set up the rally site. The national BMW Rally is totally organized, hosted and directed by volunteers from the various local BMW chapters around the country.
Weather forecast is warm and dry all week. Great!
Nite Da'mit,
Nite all.


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  1. i like the photo of the farm machinery. The color saturation almost makes it look like a painting. Have fun setting up for the rally. Events like this don't happen without dedicated volunteers. I'll be arriving Thursday morning.