Thursday, February 6, 2014

A New Year, A New Adventure

Well, this Blog has reached its natural conclusion, time to seek new horizons.

Today we are in the clutches of winter with not a lot of riding going on. Is overcast, a cold drizzling February day as I write this.  But that doesn't stop us of thinking, dreaming and planning our next ride. Lazy daydreams sort of...  of sunny adventures awaiting Da'mit and I.

From a whisper of a thought to a serious discussion, then the moment of truth.... a challenge is laid at our feet. Will Da'mit and I accept it or shrink away for fear of the unknown?  Da'mit says "I'm ready! My engine is strong, let's go for it!" So we are. We pick up the challenge and are now preparing for another great riding adventure.

Come May of this year, winter's snow and ice will be a melted memory, flowers will be blooming, camp grounds opening, weather warming and an open highway beckoning.  The right hand reaches for an imaginary throttle.  Da'mit strains and begs to be opened up on the straight away, letting her stretch her legs, running wild and free... with an eye on the horizon....  burrrrrr, a cold wind howls and whistles outside my window, slapping my mind back to reality.

If you would like to join Da'mit and I on another adventure, the new Blog starts here.....

Thanks for following along with our Alaska story.  Hope to meet you on the road, around a campfire or over a cup of coffee.

Nite Da'mit.



  1. Hi Ccjon, when you get near Colorado....through which US50 runs across....let us know.

  2. Charlie, you are at the top of my list of people I hope to meet up with on this ride. Will keep you posted of our progress and location during the ride.