Friday, August 2, 2013

Austin and beyond

The weather forecast was for another 100+ degree day, so we were up and riding by 5 am, trying to get as many miles in before it became unbearable.

The plan was to reach Austin by late afternoon, have dinner with our son Sergio and his girlfriend Amanda. Spend the night there and travel on Thursday.

Da'mit motored on strongly and we were in Austin by early afternoon. So the three of us met for a pleasant lunch together.

Decided to get out of Austin before the heavy rush hour traffic started and try for home. Only 134 miles away at Ural speed... in 103 degree heat. We would stop every so often to wet down the neck scarf and bandana.

Arriving home to the surprise of my wife who thought I was spending the night in Austin. Was exhausted from the heat and miles ridden today, so slept soundly.

No photos today as the camera's battery died a slow death.

Tomorrow the adventure, or misadventure continues....

Da'mit is safely at rest inside her own stable tonight, for the first time in two and a half months of being on the road.

Sleep well Da'mit,

Nite all.


  1. Welcome home! Speaking with the knowledge of having been the wife left home, I am sure your family is excited to see you and Da'mit return home safe and sound.

    Someday we'll have to get you and Dom, Valenica and Da'mit together for a visit. Your journeys were similar and yet different despite the close proximity in your traveling times.

    Thanks for taking the time to share with us stuck at home your wonderful adventure.
    Mrs. Charlie6....Martha

  2. Dom, Martha, thank you so much for your favorable comments and support. We will be back up in the Angel Fire area, not too far for a get together.

  3. Yes, please keep us posted on your return trip to angel fire, as that is a reasonable road trip distance for us.